Hosted Exchange Password Change and Email Setup

To change your Hosted Exchange Password, follow these instructions in Step 1. Then, set up email on your PC or mobile device with instructions in Step 2.

click here to download PDF of instructions: Customer Onboarding Process – Hosted Exchange Password Change

Step 1: Use Outlook Web Access to log in for the first time and to change your password from the initial value to something that you choose.

Here’s a brief video on similar process even though version of server that I currently use is different from the version of server available to new customers:
Click here for Outlook Web Access. Enter your email address, enter your initial password, and click sign in:
Choose your Language and Time Zone and click save.
Click on gear icon in upper right corner and select Change Password from drop down menu. Enter the initial password “welcome1!” for Current Password and then enter/confirm your New Password.

Step 2: Set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 on your PC

Click here for email setup wizard that you may also use for mobile devices:
email – (use your email address)
password – the password that you use for email
What would you like to configure? Email
Which device would you like to configure with Email? Computer (you may repeat procedure and choose Mobile Device here)
Which operating system are you running? Windows
Which email client? Outlook 2010 or the version that you use
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