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What We Do

Our Managed Services include remote Unlimited Helpdesk for Windows, Office, and Other Applications Installed by Neuse Networks within the Scope of Work that includes Company owned systems. Our objective is to empower individuals with systems that work, to create processes for individuals to use those systems, and to reduce the complexity of IT to the simplicity of changing a light bulb. If you can get to a working system and go to a web site, we can take it from there. You do have to leave your systems on after hours because all of our work occurs outside of business hours when we are able to do things without disturbing you.Our Project Services include items outside the Scope of Work for our Managed Services such as on site services, new system setup, cabling, firewall, infrastructure, web sites, user training, hardware/software refresh cycles, data recovery, office moves, line of business applications, new operating systems, migrations, phone systems, and emergencies. Project Services are usually scheduled within 3-5 business days of original request.

Our Response Time

We respond during business hours 9 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Daylight Time normally within one business day and offer Emergency response within 4 hours 24/7/365 as additional Project Services given from the Authorized Contact for your account.

Incident Reporting

Review ticket responses and answer any requests. When submitting a new incident, supply as much relevant detail as possible for us to properly identify and diagnose the issue. This information may include but is not limited to:

  • Name, Company Name, email address and phone number
  • A general description of the operating environment
  • Exact wording of all related error messages
  • A full description of the Incident and expected results
  • Any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the incident

Failure to supply this information upon request may result in delay. A ticket that remains inactive more than 5 days may be closed.

All Emergencies require approval for the additional Project Services from the Authorized Contact for your account by email to with necessary and sufficient Incident Reporting. Project Services are available to complement our remote Managed Services. Additional fees apply to items outside of our Scope of Work.

If you need to escalate an issue or have not heard back from us, contact me directly any time. I look forward to serving you!




Jim Ray

Jim Ray, President
Neuse Networks –  IT Management and Project Services
office: 855-636-9114 cell: 984-459-0458 since 1997
Jim Ray formed Neuse Networks in 1997 that specializes in IT Management and Project Services to remotely automate information technology processes with Computer Aided IT that replaces labor. His education includes Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from NC State 1985. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, served as Chair for Eastern North Carolina Section in 2010, and Chair for NC State Student Branch 1981.