IT Management

Our Managed Services include remote management for Windows, Microsoft Office, and other applications Installed by Neuse Networks within the Scope of Work that includes Company owned systems. Our objective is to empower individuals with systems that work, to create processes for individuals to use those systems, and to reduce the complexity of IT to the simplicity of changing a light bulb. If you can get to a working system and go to a web site, we can take it from there. You do have to leave your systems on after hours because all of our work occurs outside of business hours when we are able to do things without disturbing you.
Computer work

Managed Services Details

  • Monitoring – Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of critical system health indicators including storage space and system performance on managed devices finds problems before they occur and automatically sends email alerts when service is necessary. What we mean when we say monitoring is that we periodically obtain information related to how your PC is currently doing. For example, we are able to review if a computer storage device is failing or almost full. Customer benefits include peace of mind knowing that someone is actively watching your devices and can make necessary notifications in the event a device failure is imminent.
  • Management – Auditing and installation of critical and security patches and updates for Microsoft Windows and Office follows industry best practices and minimizes vulnerabilities to maximize security. What we mean by management is that we configure a computer by installing our management tool also called an agent to enable us to be able to interact directly with it in case of a problem as well as run automated maintenance scripts off hours so you do not spend your time and so process is controlled by our tools.
  • Applications for Optional Functions – Installation and updating third party optional applications without toolbars, nagware and registration using our secure scripted process eliminates labor and is available from our installation portal. We provide a list of optional applications that we have found useful to many people who use our services and a mechanism to help customers ensure that the applications are kept up to date.
  • Asset Management – Track your hardware and software to help predict when each may need maintenance or replacement. What we mean by asset management is that we have the capability to track and maintain vital information about computers and other equipment on your network (make, model, serial number, warranty expiration dates, etc provided that this information has been forwarded to us). Customer benefits include not needing to track device inventories and reducing time on support calls.
  • Reporting – Keep informed with our easy-to-understand monthly executive overview available by request. Reporting means that we provide overview or at a glance type reports on a regular basis for your review.
  • Ticketing – Our primary method of contact is our service ticketing system via web portal or email. Your users and administrators can create and track service tickets as needed. By ticketing, what we mean is the system which we track incidents. This allows for us to track an issue through to completion and allows you to see where we are along the way. Customer benefit of ticketing is that you gain insight into how a case is being handled and can interact with the support personnel working on your case. To create a service ticket, send an email to or call us at 919-838-1672 option 1.
  • Configurations – We organize and store your key configurations to standardize processes and to make sure you have proper documentation when you need it. Similar to asset management, we are able to store configurations of devices and vendors that you use that enables us to rapidly replace a device after a catastrophic failure or to coordinate activity with your vendor. Customer benefit is reduced downtime in the event of a failed device or service by another vendor and minimized interruption.
  • Service and support – Our own personnel handles customer service for you so you do not have to call anyone else. We have a completely in house service team to personally support what is on our Scope of Work that we install and cover. Customer benefit is that we can provide a single point of contact for issues. Additional services are available on a project basis to handle other items not specifically covered in our remote managed services agreement.